Thanks for visiting Cantonesa's web page. You are about to meet or get to know more about our products: CHAO MEIN CANTOENSA, CANTONESA INSTANT SOUPS, AND CONDIMENTS SUCH AS CHICKEN CONSOMEE, "SAL MÁGICA" AND CANTONESA SOY SAUCE. Cantonesa, with its range of products, has been satisfying Guatemalan, Central American, Mexican and American palates within our country, and beyond. We are always thankful for your loyalty towards our products, which has enabled us to reach 50 years of offering you our best! Come browse our website and find out more about your products. Enjoy and we hope to hear from you soon!

Chao Mein Cantonesa


50 Aniversario
Cantonesa's 50th Anniversary

New Sales Outlet!

Now you can purchase the always delicious Cantonesa products also at Albertson's (California).

Upcoming Events

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