50th Anniversary!

In 2012 Cantonesa arrives to its 50th year.

We recognize in this section the creator of the brand Cantonesa, Mr. Mario Enrique León Monge, RIP, a visionary who made ​​a product that since early on gained the preferrence of chao mein consumers. A native of Canton, now Guangzhou, China, Mr. León inherited the mastery of the art of Chinese cuisine. His love for good taste in food was exceptionally transmitted to the production of Cantonesa chow mein noodles.

Now with improved formulas, production techniques and advanced technology, we enter the year 2012 with 50 years experience in the market and a range of products in addition to Chao Mein noodles, such as Cantonesa instant soups and condiments: chicken broth, soy sauce and "Sal Magica", to name a few.

In this 50th anniversary, we thank our customers and friends for always choosing our products and we reaffirm our intention to remain doing what we do best, bringing to your table the best tasting, high quality noodles and condiments in the market